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Classification of warm pants
Oct 24, 2018

Leggings are available in breeches, pants, three-point, five-point, seven-point, nine-point, etc.; the materials are more varied, full lace, hollow, tulle, knit, velvet, etc.; Choose by heart, but most MMs like to use black to match clothing.


Don't underestimate this thin layer of leggings. If you want to wear it out of fashion, it really takes a while!


The slightly deep blue can be used to refine the leg shape, making the legs look slimmer, the white pure and blue is solemn and restrained, and this color can definitely lead the 2012 color. In 2013, once popular candy-colored leggings, it also set off the trend of leggings.

But the black base is still a timeless classic match.

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