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Customized hoodies style selection and matching points!
Nov 30, 2018

The choice of custom styles for hoodies:

Is it better to choose the hood or the zipper?

From the standpoint of warmth, it must be that the sweater of the first set will be warmer than the sweater of the zipper. The drawstring on the hat will be pulled from the head to the neck. There is no excessive gap, and the windproof effect is absolutely excellent. . Therefore, if you think that warmth is the first when making a hoodie, then the hoodie of the headband must be the best choice.

But if you want to take into account the practicality of wearing, then the zipper hoodie is even better. For example, if the work group is built or has any sports activities, the advantage of the zipper hoodie is absolute, and it is convenient to wear and take off.

Is it better to choose a thin one or a fleece?

Hoodies are available in thin and velvet styles, and thin hoodies can also be worn in thick thermal underwear. Thick hoodies, also known as fleece hoodies, can also be worn in thermal underwear, but if you wear heavy thermal underwear inside, it may cause inconvenience.

Custom-made hoodies show the quality from the details, and the back collar is elastic and smooth, which avoids the sewing of the sewing thread and the skin of the neck. The classic comfort is diagnosed, and the turtle's back is also connected with high-grade fabric in the lower part of the collar. The layer and texture are obvious. The delicate cuffs are stitched with ribbed cuffs. The overall shape of the comfortable fit is available. Avoid swelling. Exquisite stitching hem, flat and tight double-car line stitching process, rejecting breakable bicycle lines. Elastic upgrade.

Hoodie custom printed position selection:

The common printing positions for custom hoodies are the three positions shown above, the front chest (the front chest also includes the left and right chests), the back, and the armband. Whether it is a zipper hoodie or a hooded hoodie, it is best to design a symmetrical pattern to be more beautiful if the zipper hoodie is to be used in the middle of the chest.

Generally, when the company makes a hoodie, it is more suitable for the brand logo of the printing company or a relatively small mutation. The middle thick layer is suitable for printing special patterns, and the armband can be printed with decorative patterns.

Customized and matched hoodies:

Corporate culture shirts can also be very fashionable. Generally speaking, the company or the company's customized hoodies will not be like the styles of our sweaters on the market or the screens, because they are suitable for most of the corporate culture shirts. Employees wear, and at the same time have to adapt to most of the workplace, so the style will be more conventional, but this means that the overalls and fashion are not, the simple hoodies can make you full of energy and fashion.

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