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How to dress "factories" to create "smart factory"?
Apr 18, 2016

With the acceleration of economic globalization, China's manufacturers are facing unprecedented competition. Clothing manufacturing enterprise, there are many problems in our country at present, seriously affecting the level of enterprise management, managerial efficiency and competitiveness. As some clothing enterprise no implementation enterprise resources integration plans, enterprise production plans control of mode behind, production plans and procurement plans out, liquidity occupied big, caused has inventory and in products store high, supporting production capacity (synchronization production) level poor, cannot on time delivery, this and modern management method material needs plans MRP, and on time production JIT (fine benefits production), difference is far; organization institutions not reasonable, led to sector wall, business process of management and control not specification, lack standardization, and standardized, and System, program management, arbitrary; management means backward, most manufacturers still rely on capable individuals to manage, as well as Manager brain memories, individual progress monitoring, oral delivery management stages of old-school experience. Many new and modern management methods cannot be applied to production quickly.

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