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Identify clothing fabrics by observing and touching
Sep 11, 2018

1, cotton cloth:. The surface of the cloth is soft, soft to the touch, and the elasticity is poor. It is easy to wrinkle and loosen the fabric by hand. It can be seen to be obviously wrinkled, and the crease is not easy to restore the original shape. Several warps are pulled out from the edge of the cloth. The weft yarn is opened and the length of the fiber is not one.

2, sticky cotton cloth (including artificial cotton, rich fiber cloth): the surface gloss is soft and bright, the color is bright, smooth and smooth, soft to the touch, the elasticity is poor, the fabric is loosened by hand, and the crease is visible, and the crease is not easy to see. Restore.

3, polyester cotton cloth:. The gloss is brighter than pure cotton cloth, the cloth surface is flat, clean and no yarn head or impurities feel smooth, crisp, and the elasticity is looser than the pure cotton cloth, the crease is not obvious, and it is easy to restore the original shape.

4, pure wool worsted woolen: The surface of the fabric is smooth and smooth, the texture is fine and clear, the gloss is soft and natural, the color is pure and soft, and the elastic surface is loosened by hand. The crease is not obvious and can be quickly restored to its original state. Most of the yarn counts are double strands.

5, pure wool woollen wool: the face is full, the texture is tight and thick. The surface has fine fluff, which is generally not visible. Feel warm, full and flexible. The yarn is mostly thick single yarn. 6, wool and polyester blended woolen:. The appearance is pure wool fabric style, the surface texture is clear, smooth and smooth, the hand feel is not as soft as the pure wool fabric, and it has a stiff and rough feeling. The elasticity is more than the full hair and the woolen sticky wool. The surface is loosened by hand and the crease is quickly restored. .

7, Maoqing blended wool: most of the worsted wool, with wool style, warm and elastic is not as good as wool.

8, wool brocade blended wool: the surface is flat, the hair feel is strong, the appearance is waxy luster, the hand feels hard and the hand is pinched tightly, loosened, has obvious creases, can slowly restore the original shape.

9, true silk: the silk surface is smooth and clean, the gloss is soft, the color is pure and the hand feels smooth, soft, the appearance is light and elegant, the hand feels the silk surface with a handle, and there is a "silk sound" when tearing.

10, viscose silk fabric (human silk): the silk surface is bright but not soft, the color is bright, the hand feels smooth, soft, and the drape is strong, but it is not as light as the silk, and the hand is squeezed after the silk surface is loosened and has creases. And the recovery is slower. When the tear is hoarse, the weft yarn is wet and wet, and it is easy to break.

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