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New trends in the future of the apparel industry
Aug 14, 2018

1. Product research and development has been paid attention to At present, many garment enterprises have left the market, and most of them have not paid attention to the goods. This is reflected in the following: First, the product style is not clear, and second, the quality of the products is not enough.

No matter what channel the company chooses and what marketing method is adopted, the style and quality of the clothing are fundamental. When the product loses market competitiveness, the final result is difficult to survive.

2. Avoid unnecessary terminals. Traditional terminals are no longer the first choice for apparel companies. Now some clothing companies are looking for new terminals, even multi-brand alliances, self-created terminals, multi-channel development, gaining the right to speak, and responding flexibly to the market.

Nowadays, the emerging commercial body, the Internet, also provides more channel choices for clothing people. Apparel companies begin to adapt suitable terminals according to their own conditions, brands and products.

3. Focus on brand development strategies. Many years ago, many clothing companies took the market route, and their self-branding was not strong, which also caused their own brands to have no added value. However, in the new market environment, it is a general trend to establish your own brand positioning and establish your own brand style.

4. Measure the development of online sales. According to statistics, the proportion of e-commerce in the apparel industry has exceeded 40%. In 2016, the market share of online clothing retail sales was 27.03%.


As a result, many companies have started online sales, but due to the lack of relevant technology and personnel, business pressure is greater. At the same time, the marketing model cannot be innovative and profitability is not easy.

5. Fight policy, fight subsidies, 100% return will withdraw from the historical trend. The old-time policy made the manufacturers bear a large number of inventory risks, the risk of returning money, and the bad links caused the enterprises to survive, and it was a matter of time to step into the edge of the collapse.

6. The terminal salary system began to change. It is already the consensus of the clothing company to raise the salary of the terminal personnel and care about the frontline employees.

The assessment of the terminal has also changed. The assessment is no longer just sales, but also VIP maintenance, discount rate, personal contribution rate and so on.

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