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The origin of garment
Apr 18, 2016

Clothing have emerged early on in the development of human society, ancient people could find a variety of materials to make rough side "clothes" for the body. Man's first clothing were made of animal skins, wrapped by the earliest "fabric" made with hemp fibre and grasses. In the primitive stage, humans began to have a simple textile production, gathering wild textile fibers, rubbing an area of woven for use. With the development of agriculture, animal husbandry, artificial cultivation of textile raw materials increased gradually, dress-making tools from simple to complex development, clothing materials is increasing. Textile raw materials and forms of organizational structure and production method determines the clothing, use coarse, stiff fabric can only do simple clothing, with softer thin fabric it is possible to make complicated and contouring garment. Belt is the most ancient clothing, to put weapons and other necessary objects. Skins, leaves and mounted on a belt woven, early skirt.

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