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What are the characteristics of men's jackets?
Nov 23, 2018

Jackets are characterized by lapels, squats, snaps (straps) or zips for easy work and activities. The sleek jacket is a general term for short jackets that both men and women can wear. Jackets are the most common type of modern life, and the popularity began in the 80s of the last century.

The style of the jacket press can be divided into waist and waist. According to the shoulder interface style, it can be divided into flat shoulder and docking shoulder. According to the collar style, it can be divided into lapel and stand collar. According to the cuff style, it can be divided into tight cuff and loose. Cuffs, and more.

The jacket is short and more capable of showing the man's temperament. Also better with matching clothing. More casual. The windbreaker is generally long, and the person who is short or not tall is not suitable for wearing. The matching dress is biased toward the formal dress, and the clothes are required to be higher.

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