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What are the polo shirt fabrics
May 30, 2018

Although they often wear polo shirts, but you know what your polo shirt material has? Only choose the right material, you can wear more comfortable Oh, live out your own personality, here we take a look at what polo shirt material!

Polo shirt fabric cotton

Pure cotton should be the most commonly used POLO shirt fabric, the cost is also very high, after a special process, but 100% cotton, still maintain the superior natural characteristics of pure cotton, with excellent skin-friendly, breathable And hygroscopicity. If you want to wear a high cost, then this one is a good choice.

Polo Shirt Fabric Lycra Cotton

Lycra cotton has a good drapability and crease recovery, feel good, it is also very close to wear annoying, highlights the body, flexible, suitable for wearing, this kind of fabric is more suitable for personal fashion style POLO Shirt, the skin feels worse. In particular, it should be noted that this fabric should be well protected against shrinkage.

High-grade mercerized cotton polo shirt material

Plus high-end two-character, so that mercerized cotton will have a sense of tall, with a general luster silk, fabric feel soft, moisture permeability, flexibility and drape are also good, and rich colors, fully embodies Dresser's temperament and taste. Mercerized cotton and double-silk cotton fabrics are delicate, and it is also very suitable for making upscale T-shirts.

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