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2016 You Can't Escape The High Inventory Of Listed Companies By Overcapacity
Apr 18, 2016

In the garment industry, inventory is not new, you can't escape even listed companies. Reporters check out several company's announcement shows that the first three quarters of last year, Barney costume inventory last year 1.833 billion yuan 27.64%, semir stock 98.9% of 2.057 billion yuan compared with last year, the stock size of seven wolves grew 10.59% amounted to 915 million Yuan, joeone stock size is 600 million Yuan.

Over the weekend, got friends call, shopping family forest drive and excitedly arrived at Hangzhou a auto rice, because brands play called the Mall record low discount price: 05 percent. "A cup of Starbucks money can buy two shirts, cheap! ”

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