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Basic Knowledge Of Children T-shirt Design
Aug 04, 2017

  Basic knowledge of children T-shirt design

  Children's T-shirt design (design) has active design and passive design. Active design is mainly used for the production of commodity children's T-shirts, designers are not subject to any restrictions on the subjective creativity, basically any object, any plane art can be used in the children's T-shirt design. Passive design mainly refers to the advertising children's T-shirts, travel children T-shirts, children's T-shirts, such as the creative design, to be subject to certain restrictions, in order to achieve a certain intention of the constraints.

  Children's T-shirt design must first master the basic technology of children T-shirt printing, but also to understand the level of printing technology producers and children's T-shirt printing equipment. For example, the children's T-shirt of colored fabrics has been printed with water-based glue coating, but if the producers master the production technology of thermosetting plastic printing inks and purchase the corresponding equipment (mainly for children's T-shirt printing machine, infrared dryer, infrared children's T-shirt oven, etc.), he can use hot-solid ink on the color fabric children's T-shirt printing processing. And the printing of the glue paste and the hot-fixing inks have different requirements for the design of the pattern. Glue paste can only be a simple color block pattern printing, Gegume can be used to adjust the gradient printing, not only in the white children's T-shirt on the primary color screen printing, but also in the dark Children's T-shirt for spot color screen printing. Designers design of the design if the technical process is not in line with the producers, then the printed pattern does not reach the original intention and effect of the designer, even can not be applied cherry Therefore, the child T-shirt designer must be a child T-shirt printing process skilled master, especially the excellent children T-shirt designers will be very concerned about the world's latest children T-shirt printing and printing equipment development and technical characteristics, in order to use the latest technology to produce new and chic children's T-shirts.

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