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Children's T-shirt Commonly Used Fabric
Jun 14, 2017

  Children's T-shirt commonly used fabric


  Cotton + polyester, polyester and cotton blended fabric collectively. There are two types of blending and interweaving. The advantage is good wrinkle resistance, deformation is not easy; the disadvantage is easy to fluff, plus two dyeing, fabric feel more rigid. Feel soft and thick, washing is not easy to deformation, but the clothing comfort is slightly worse than cotton. 65% cotton children's T-shirt fabric can be, and 35% of the cotton is relatively poor, wearing a very uncomfortable, it is easy to play the ball.


  This is the more commonly used children's T-shirt fabric, cost-effective, although unlike other high-end children's T-shirt fabric, after a special process to deal with, but 100% cotton, still maintain the superior natural characteristics of cotton, skin Good sex, good ventilation, good moisture absorption. If the budget is small, and want to wear comfortable, this one is a good choice. Of course, some by hair removal, softening and other special process to deal with 100% cotton, is also a high-grade fabric.

  Lycra cotton

  With drape and crease recovery ability, which is the completion of the weaving process to install spandex elastic cotton fabric. Feel good, more personal, highlight the body, flexible, especially suitable for personal clothing. Nearly two years began to be used in men's children's T-shirts. Generally do children T-shirt fabric, add spandex fabric can only do light alkaline low-temperature mercerization. The fabric is more suitable for personal fashion style children's T-shirts, bone feel will be worse. In particular, note that this fabric to do anti-shrinkage treatment.

  Mercerized cotton

  Made of high-weaving yarn, mercerized cotton fabric to cotton as raw material. And then by the singeing, mercerizing and other special processing procedures, made of bright and clean bright, soft anti-wrinkle high-quality mercerized yarn. The high quality children's T-shirt fabric made from this kind of raw material not only completely preserves the natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has the silk luster, the fabric feels soft, the moisture is breathable, the elasticity and the drape are quite good; Comfortable and casual, fully embodies the clothing of the temperament and taste.

  Double mercerized cotton

  To be singeed, mercerized mercerized yarn as raw material, cotton double mercerized fabric is "double burn double wire" of cotton products. Reference CAD computer-aided design system and CAM computer-aided production system, quickly weave the design of children's T-shirt fabric, the fabric once again singeed, mercerized, after a series of finishing, to produce this high-end children's T-shirt fabric , The cloth lines clear lines, fashionable, shiny bright, feel smooth, better than mercerized cotton, but because of the two mercerizing finishing, the price slightly more expensive.

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