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Children T- Shirt With A Sense Of Fashion
Oct 19, 2017

Child wear is now parents are more concerned about things, parents care about children wear what clothes more comfortable, but now is not just to consider the comfort, but also consider the fashion sense, simple children's T-shirt how to match the fashion sense The Then tell you how to match.

White t-shirt, pure white T-shirt lower body with casual pants, small feet pink casual pants, pink and white these two colors itself is more resistant to take the style, tide shop children's clothing with a simple fashion sense, you have to try it , Fashion charm wear must not miss Oh.

Boys wear pants that is a very normal thing, because in addition to pants boys no other dress, like girls can wear a skirt, but boys can not, can only change the length of the pants temperature, pants so simply can not be missing, a gray casual pants with A dark blue T-shirt, loose T-shirt comparison of comfort, in the summer is also very cool.

Material selection

1. Cotton cover silk cotton fabric (Cotton Plus) table with cotton yarn woven, and the surface made of polyester. The surface with a wear-resistant, stiff, no ironing, no pleats, bright colors, easy to wash, do not shrink, good shape and other pure chemical clothing characteristics; and personal table is a pure natural fiber characteristics, wearing insulation, , There is a natural texture. This fabric is particularly different from the ordinary fabric of cotton 65%, with 35% of the high-tech fabrics, this fabric is professional for high-end T-shirts, soccer athletes and military officers and men of military uniforms above. The fabric is breathable, does not propagate bacteria, harmless to the human body, after the sweat after the moisture resistance, anti-ultraviolet, feel smooth, soft, non-stick body, no deformation, no shrinkage performance is better than cotton, silk and so on.

2, cotton fabric (Pure Cotton): select more than 32 erosion wool combed cotton, weighing more than 200 grams; seamless stretch collar, low shrinkage treatment, wearing comfortable.

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