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How Important Is It To Please The Mother Network Kids Ride On The Red Express?
Apr 18, 2016

Hundreds of adult clothes are not expensive, but put on the kids arrived, liangdaosisui, after all, the growth and development of children, children's clothing changes are basically season one. In the outside world, baby elephant, overpriced, but to the store manager, it can't be. Carleton ruthling said, unless someone orders more than 100 at a time, won't be line, every piece of clothing is aunt Turner cut stitched, costs there. Cut two dress a day, labor costs 220 Yuan, is allocated to each piece of clothing was 110.

This is custom troubles. Great to meet the needs of consumers on the one hand, tailored to achieve, on the other hand artificially too high. Mass production could drive down the cost of each piece of clothing, but baby elephant stuck after the first sale, are at greater risk because the spot. Children's clothing from 90 to 140 with 6 sizes, a size 5 is 30, selling inventory dragging down profit margins are not going out to eat. Carleton ruthling said children do not earn much, but not in stock, made more than a year, stocks add up to one hundred or two hundred.

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