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How To Choose A Children T-shirt Custom Cloth?
Oct 30, 2017

1, ordinary cotton fabric. Casual Children T-shirt more commonly used plain cotton fabric, fabric Children T-shirt comfortable, but slightly different stiffness. Easy wrinkle, water deformation.

2. mercerized cotton fabric. Mercerized cotton fabric with ordinary cotton fabrics fabric Children T-shirt wearing comfortable mercerized cotton fabric to cotton as raw materials, the use of high precision spinning. Then, singeing, mercerizing and other special processing technology, made of high-quality mercerized yarn bright and shiny, soft anti-wrinkle. The material of knitted fabric not only preserves the natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has the advantages of smooth softness, soft texture, moisture absorption and breathable, good elasticity and vertical feeling, and rich color, comfortable, casual, fully embodies the wearer's temperament and taste.

3. Cotton double mercerized fabric. Pure cotton double mercerized fabric is "double burning double silk" cotton products, with mercerized yarn mercerized singeing, as the raw material, CAD Computer Aided Design system for reference to the production system and cam, fast textured fabrics, and again, silk fabric singeing The light, carried out a series of finished to produce high-grade knitted fabrics, Fabric texture Clear, flower type novel, feel smooth, better than mercerized cotton, but because of two mercerizing, the price is slightly more expensive.

4, super high yarn cotton fabric. This fabric is rarely used by businesses, because its price is very expensive, 120 cotton Children T-shirt fabric price for 170 yuan per kg high, and 200 cotton Children T-shirt fabric price even higher, to 3000 kilograms, and 250 Children T-shirt fabric yarn class needs 1800 pounds, and our country also did not produce this fabric. For fabric Children T-shirts, cotton-shirt, polyester-cotton fabrics include: single-sided cotton, polyester-cotton, 6.4 cents nets, herringbone, combination rib, with nets, and so on. It is not easy to deform, but the comfort is slightly worse than cotton. Pure cotton fabric Features: soft, thick, easy to clean deformation, but wear comfort than cotton slightly worse. Ordinary polyester 80% cotton, 20% polyester and 65% cotton, 35% polyester ratio. Cotton fabric Features: feel good, comfortable to wear, environmental protection, weight generally 160 grams to 300 grams, too thin will be very transparent, the thick sultry general choice between 180 grams is good, the quantity generally is 21 and 32, is the cotton fiber length average, the high soft, and the veil, divides into the ordinary yarn, the half fine yarn and the fine yarn, Coarse-combed fabrics can be rough, especially in dark fabrics with white yarns. Fine yarn fabric surface clean and tidy, feel very soft.

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