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How To Wear Men's Polo Shirt
Jun 28, 2017

  How to wear men's polo shirt This question is not a person asking, many people have the same problem. That men's polo shirt with what skills? We are divided into three steps to match, see the following specific:

  1. according to the skin to match:

  The skin is relatively white people relatively easy to choose, you can try a variety of colors of the men's polo shirt, but also note that if your skin is white, then avoid the cool color of the men's polo shirt, otherwise it will highlight Poor color. This color is best to wear pink, blue, yellow, light orange, light green and other light tones.

  For black skin boys, black skin can itself show your health, strong and very suitable for the choice of men's polo shirt. Color, may wish to try the white, absolutely can wear a different feeling. Of course, you can also choose some cool colors, such as brown, brown, dark purple. But remember not to wear pink, green, yellow and other too bright colors, because such a men's polo shirt will make your skin more black.

  2. according to the character to match:

  How to show different personality by choosing a different polo shirt. Want to become introverted to Sven, you can choose light-colored men's polo shirt, such as light pink, light green, etc., can also choose a larger stripes polo shirt.

  3. According to the shoes to match:

  Said the shoes are a man's face, men's polo shirt with the shoes should be more attention to the white men's polo shirt with white shoes, will appear more business, and with the shoes with, but also by men They like, with a strong sense of sports and leisure.

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