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Kids Apparel Development Space
Jul 11, 2017

  kids apparel development space

  kids apparel has a lot of room for development, we all believe that kids apparel is the last piece of clothing industry cake, many adult shoes and apparel brands have come in, more adult single brand brand kids apparel brand, as well as foreign trade enterprises to kids apparel brand management Operating the domestic market, and the international large-scale extension of kids apparel category have also entered the domestic market, are trying to share a slice.

  Domestic kids apparel market is roughly the pattern of domestic and foreign brands each account for half of the domestic market. Although there are two or three categories in the market performance of kids apparel brand, but also in the various blocks of the leading regional kids apparel brand, but the concentration of kids apparel brand is not high.

  As the high-end kids apparel market competition intensified, and with the improvement of domestic consumption and domestic children's consumption of consumer goods changes, not only kids apparel brand further market segmentation has been launched, infants or young children will have many enterprises to enter; , The popular kids apparel brand may produce, high-end and even luxury kids apparel brand will come into being.

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