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Kids Apparel Purchase Notes
Jul 11, 2017

  kids apparel purchase notes

  1, buy clothing can not just look at the price, see the quality is the key.

  2, in the purchase of direct contact with the skin clothing goods, try to open a smell, to prevent the purchase of irritating taste of clothing; to avoid the purchase of children had anti-wrinkle treatment and bleached clothing.

  3, carefully check the logo label and instructions. Description of the label, including product name, trademark, number identification, product implementation standards, fiber composition, washing methods, production company name, address, telephone. Among them: specifications, fiber composition, washing method must be a permanent label.

  4, hand touch the appearance of the quality of clothing products. On the need to purchase clothing according to the marked material, quality grade and other performance aspects of inspection, kids apparel mainly from the fabric feel, fabric defects, color, stains, sewing, zipper, buttons to observe the firmness, while viewing clothing Indicating that the contents of the label and the status of the goods are roughly consistent with the status quo.

  5, try to choose a small pattern of kids apparel.

  6, the new clothes to buy the best before the first washing (marked dry cleaning clothing), kids apparel or with a little neutral detergent to wash to remove some of the harmful substances.

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