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Mens Hoodies Sweatshirt Classification
Jul 11, 2017

  Mens Hoodies Sweatshirt classification

  NO.1 long sleeve letters round neck sweater

  Simple round neck, keep up with the forefront of fashion trends, fashionable letters and splicing hit color design, so you more European and American street Fan. Mens Hoodies Sweatshirt Fashion sleeves sleeve design and sleeve elbow bubble printing, street leisure, exudes the vitality of youthful atmosphere.

  NO2 round neck letter printing sweater

  High-end custom imported fabrics, delicate texture smooth, skin-friendly breathable; fashion printing highlight personality, large area printing to create a sense of visual fashion; Mens Hoodies Sweatshirt exquisite rib with the same color splicing, high quality; table as a fine car, uniform and meticulous.

  NO.3 Printed round neck long sleeve sweater

  H profile design, comfort is inevitable. Its seemingly loose, it is hidden thin mind, waist fat easily invisible in this profile. Classic generous round neck, hit the color side of the package is not easy to deformation, elegant yet mixed, add charming feminine.

  NO.4 bat sleeves long hooded sweater

  Bat sleeve loose version of the type, baby highlights is the sleeve design, Mens Hoodies Sweatshirt rib cuffs particularly long, the above loose and tight cuffs in contrast, unique design.

  NO.5 letter printing sports sweater

  Relaxed version of a kind of kind of restrained sense, was thin and cover the meat. There is also a sense of youth movement, people relaxed. 3D printing fabric with a classic letter printing, a kind of dark big sweater that visual sense. High flexibility to bring a sense of non-binding, comfortable wear, easy to wash quick-drying, very suitable for fast-paced life you.

  NO.6 printing plus cashmere casual sweater

  Simple round neck long sleeve style T-shirt, cute cute little deer printing design, warm plus inside, white is more clean and tidy! With a higher cotton, Mens Hoodies Sweatshirt to a certain extent ease the dry winter caused by electrostatic problems, suitable for autumn and winter wear, with a wide range.

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