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Mens Polo ShirtClassic Durable And Practical
Aug 24, 2017

Men's polo shirt does originate from the aristocratic movement, but it is not like its face meaning generally related to polo, in fact, the real origin of tennis. From the Victorian era of high society to play tennis are traditional shirts, and even tights and tie the dress, although the graceful but the activities are not comfortable; with the changes in the times, men's polo shirt has evolved into a variety of Like the color and style for everyone to choose. Classic wear and practical is also the men's polo shirt has been the main reason for the mainstream single product.

1. Select the basic section (workplace business)

Men's polo shirt is not as casual as T-shirt, but also not as formal as the shirt rigid, coupled with comfortable fabrics and good version of the type, in the Western men's wardrobe has enjoyed a high status, is mature Men's essential items.

Take the business casual wind as much as possible to choose the most simple basic models, in color, white, gray, dark blue and black are a good choice. They can almost match all your daily downloads, jeans and beige trousers will not go wrong. Low-key polo shirt with a dark trousers and leather shoes is appropriate, formal and not too exaggerated, leather Derby shoes and briefcases can increase the overall shape of the delicate sense of stability. And if you want to create a more casual wear law, put on shorts can be, you will find the polo shirt wild let you put it down.

2. Choose candy color (academy)

If you think the basic section of some monotonous, may wish to try candy color or slightly lighter color. In fact, polo shirt since the birth of the style is almost no big change, but like to use beautiful colors to highlight the fashion personality.

Style more formal polo shirt even if the addition of candy color will not seem too random unexpectedly, but add a bit fashionable and vibrant, in the mix should pay attention to the simple and fresh download do not steal the mirror. To take the college wind, jeans and polo shirt with simple and comfortable always perfect match, you can roll up the height of the pair of shoes to modify the legs of the legs. Summer is the most fashionable way to wear and Bermuda shorts with the choice of shoes on the very free, canvas shoes, small white shoes, Boken slippers can Oh! Plain overall with you in the summer is more fresh and not procrastination, the other sun do not forget to wear a pair of suitable sunglasses to protect your eyes.

3. Choose a more fancy style

This match with a certain way to wear the tide of the tide men. Specifically, to their own body enough confidence and color matching and style selection on the mature enough. In addition to the basic models can also choose more fancy style, such as embroidery printing elements.

Tie the buttons and pull the collar down. In the choice of color is also very bold. Yellow and green are the main colors of this year, men can refer to reference Oh! Men also pay attention to the proportion of body, belt as a good accessories to highlight the proportion of waist, but in the choice of shoes if the height is not particularly high, then try to avoid the high help shoes. Put on a pair of Le Fu shoes or small white shoes should be more summer taste Oh Classic polo shirt for any size of the people, as long as you buy the size of the size that will not guarantee any problems. If you are in good shape, we recommend buying a small polo shirt, so that the perfect body can show in front of others.

4. common problem of wearing a polo shirt

▶ No matter what clothes fit must be placed in the first place, choose POLO shirt also according to their own body characteristics.

Many people wear POLO habits to buy large, in fact, the most appropriate size of the length of the biceps in the middle of the biceps, sleeve size loosely wrapped around the arm, clothing in the pants placket half position better.

▶ Before playing tennis, the shirt collar that the player wears is handled so that the collar can stand up to prevent the sun from directing his neck.

But in the city like this can not escape the low boo, of course, you have absolutely confident body looks temperament, please wear.

▶ The more formal the place to buckle the buttons, the more buttons on all the buttons appear refined, business occasions, up to two buttons. Generally do not advocate all loose, unless it is a holiday, unless you look handsome.

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