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Quality And Health Of Children T-shirt
Aug 04, 2017

  Quality and health of children T-shirt

  Does the quality of clothes have anything to do with children's health? Clothing helps the body maintain constant temperature, is one of the conditions to maintain health. When the temperature is low, the clothing can make the body temperature heat not to be much lost, the high temperature does not hinder the body's heat dissipation, children T-shirt and can prevent the sun's light and heat on the body's adverse effects. In order to achieve the above requirements, the requirements of clothing with insulation, breathable. These properties are determined by the texture of the fabric making the garment.

  (1) Good insulation fabric, to woolen as the most, cotton goods second, and finally silk. Fabric porous, can store more air, so thick and loose fabric insulation good. At the same time the color of the fabric is also related to insulation. Dark fabric reflective Force is small, endothermic power, light fabric reflective power, suction heat small. Therefore, the winter should use pine, thick, dark hair, cotton fabrics to make clothes, summer should be fine, thin light linen, silk clothing

  (2) Breathable fabrics can release the skin's sweat and dirty air to keep the skin dry and regulate the body temperature. So to choose breathable fabrics for children to make clothes, blankets, tarpaulins, plastic sheeting, children T-shirt such as poor ventilation, not to do children's T-shirt and children's diapers, so as not to affect the metabolism of the skin

  (3) hygroscopicity is good or bad, determined by the fiber properties of the fabric. General wool, cotton fiber moisture absorption, and can be quickly distributed, so that the fabric remains dry, conducive to the cleaning of the skin. The weaving method of fabric is also related to hygroscopicity, and the knitted than is highly hygroscopic. Therefore, children should wear plush knitted clothes, children T-shirt both with the characteristics of soft insulation, and its breathable hygroscopicity is good. But can not use coarse wool, lest stimulate the skin, man-made fiber moisture absorption is poor, not suitable for underwear. Children's underwear is good for cotton goods.

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