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Summer Keeps White Children's T-shirts Away From Pollution
Aug 04, 2017

  Summer keeps white children's t-shirts away from pollution

  Summer arrived, light-colored children's T-shirts become mainstream, White is our first choice. White children's T-shirts will be contaminated by juices, grease stains, sweat stains and so on, which will affect the quality of our children's T-shirts and the whole child T-shirt. Tell you how to avoid white children's T-shirts being contaminated. We can choose different methods to clean according to the children's T shirt fabric. For example, if the whole cotton or linen is yellowing, it can be cleaned with bleach or 84.

  Many of today's white-dress fabrics look brighter and whiter, and if you use chlorine bleach or sunlight, these fabrics will be damaged.

  The stain on the man-made fibres is easier to remove. The easiest and best way to clean children's T-shirts is to put white children's T-shirts together. Do not mix white children's T-shirts with other color T-shirts, and other colors of children's T-shirts will always be slightly faded. This is important for any fabric clothing (cotton or fiber).

  When you encounter pollution, try to clean it up early, but move slowly, it may take several times to remove the stain. The dry cleaners will tell you that if you splash something on a children's T-shirt, you can clean it up immediately by rinsing it (most of the time). Water cleaning is the first step, about 80% of the pollution can be removed. If it is oil, lipstick or salad dressing, the situation will be different. If it is oily, you must use some mild soap (shampoo, hand soap or detergent). If you don't have these things at hand, you can find a bag of artificial sweeteners. You need to pat the sweet on the stain and wait for a while. Sweet will absorb most of the oil. Starch can also be done. When it comes to sugar pollution, any drink contains sugar, whether it's coffee, iced tea or soda. The sugar then shows up and you think that the stain that was made clean will then show a shadow. You must rinse well. Sugar pollution, like a macula, stays behind. Clothing coating can protect fabrics, cuffs and collars to pay special attention. Sweat salted in the armpit under the formation of Yellow circle, sweat medicine is often found in aluminum compounds, wash children's T-shirt when the detergent liquid directly used in these areas.

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