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Teach You How To Make Men's Fashion This Iconic Piece - Wearing A Hoodie Style.
May 30, 2018

As a classic street style item, the hoodie can be regarded as the ultimate form of a combination of personality and comfort.

Hoodie history

The first hoodie was created in 1934 by the fashion brand champion. The hat was added to the sweatshirt to help athletes resist seasonal uncontrollable factors like wind, sand and dust. It was later used by cold storage staff to keep warm.


Gradually the Hoodie has become a fashionable style beyond practicality and sportiness. In the decades combined with hip-hop culture, the urban street culture style has been completely changed, and hoodies have begun to appear everywhere. From well-known hip-hop stars, graffiti artists, to young children in their teens on the street, everyone has their own hoodie because it has become a fashion statement of avant-garde fashion.

Gray hoodie

Hoodie is considered one of the most versatile items for men, which means they have endless designs, colors and styles. However, in a truly classic hoodie, the grey hoodie always wins.

Are you struggling to find a sports hoodie and want to go to the gym or go to the bar with a group of friends? Then you need a classic grey hoodie. Since gray is similar to black, it is a monochrome and neutral color, so wearing a gray color means that you can easily mix it with any other color.

Although wearing a grey hoodie is also very fashionable, it is another feeling to match it with other items such as jackets and coats. You can add extra details to show your style, try a grey hoodie with a classic camel coat, brighter jeans and Chelsea boots like this:


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