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The Artful Pairing Of Women's Trousers
Jun 14, 2017

  The artful pairing of women's trousers

  Winter comes, the cold wind four attacks as collocation of women's trousers can not be ignored. The pink collar wears suits to go to work every day, always need to change new tricks thus in exchange for beautiful mood. The introduction of a variety of different colors, different fabrics, different patterns of the hundred women's trousers to let you no longer for the collocation and worry.

  The combination of black tights and leather boots is perfect, and it's easy to create a rock-and-roll street. Denim jacket plus scarf, free and easy to add points, gas field full!

  Elastic skinny jeans are thin and easy to skin coat out unruly wind, "hate days High" short boots and leather jacket echoes, typical European and American style collocation.

  Harlan pants are simple with casual fashion. Hemp fabric brings natural vertical feeling, natural not rigid, healthy and with the look of the sex to create success.

  Camel tight height waist pants retro flavor, jeans and wool cardigan folded to show a warm feeling. The big hot dew toe short boots let the entire modelling fashionable upgrade.

  All kinds of popular women's trousers make us have more choices according to the need of the body. Of course, also should pay attention to the clothes, shoes collocation, otherwise will expose the flaw. So, how to wear women's trousers to achieve the perfect effect?

  Perfect combination:

  Gray is the theme song that can't be sung this season. Long Gray broad-legged trousers, only solid in the heel of leather shoes can be entrusted with its elegance and free. Graceful's legs are fitted with short tops, and they are more outstanding.

  The slightly elastic pure cotton miniature bell horn Women's trousers are best suited for stylish, thick-soled shoes. The upper body wears a large long coat and a tight sweater, showing the infinite vigor.

  The cone-shaped black legs of women's trousers at all times have the charm of making legs look slim. Long and upper trousers and the combination of the same color leather shoes are also seamless, to extend the visual effect of the legs.

  Women's trousers, which are only worn in length to the ankles, look not only "cold" in winter, but also the illusion of a short leg. If you extend the women's trousers to the upper, it will change.

  Skinny trousers, exposing the fullness of the hips and thighs, and straining the legs makes the "spindle" feel. It is recommended that you wear straight jeans, or put on a long and thigh coat.

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