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Women HoodiesCollocation Method
Aug 24, 2017

Women's hoodie has long been worthy of the name of a single product, and some big names will be hooded to remodel, and become a must for the school of a single product. Hoodie fire, hoodies wear well we all know, casually to the head of such a set or pull the zipper can be peacefully lying on the sofa to spend a pleasant afternoon. But it is difficult to wear hoodies out of the door and still fashionable.

This season sports wind prevails, want to wear out the vitality of the movement without losing the fashion sense of mix and match the wind, women's hoodies with you must be, sweater was undoubtedly the most fire this year's single product, and hooded sweater comes with handsome And the street atmosphere, but also with the ability to super, easy to make you look full of fashion sense, and now look at women's hoodie upgrade with!

1. Mixing pilots

Pilot jacket this year is the fire to not, hoodies and pilots jacket is simply a combination of powerful combination, easy to wear the streets of the cool driving children.

2. mix and match leather

Leather gives a handsome and cold feeling, and hoodie with a little more intimacy, and this year is not particularly popular long sleeves sweater, with the leather when you remember to be long sleeves exposed!

3. Mix long coat

A variety of long coat, want to wear clothing fresh, you can try with a hoodie, so that both warm and look more young and dynamic.

Mashup suit jacket

"Rebellious" hoodie can also be with the eight hundred suit jacket with the two seemingly do not take Karma a single product, actually quite good to wear it together.

Mix fur

If you think the warmth is not enough, you can put in a hooded sweater outside a fur coat, hoodie's sense of vitality and fur in the extravagance, it is more close to the people fashionable.

Mix and match down

You can keep warm and down, if you feel down the earth, used to match the hoodie is also "ground" is also the method.

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