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Women's Trousers To The Length Of The Heel Just Above
Jun 14, 2017

  Women's trousers to the length of the heel just above, so as to expose the shoes, and the proportion of the body elongated. Wear women's trousers to match with the shoes, will be more authoritative, the most appropriate height is in the shoes.

  Women's trousers can have the best inside, in addition to more fit, but also to cover up the bloated place.

  Whether wearing a trousers with pleated style, depending on the height and height of the pants. Belong to high lean body type, you can wear a pleated trousers, but the height of less than 162 cm of the people, it is best not to try to pay special attention to women's pants across the lower part of the wear to be smooth, this is a women's trousers Fit the focus, but also the key to the sewing technology is fine, bad crotch will let the women's pants to wear up sagging, uplift, non-fit phenomenon

  Women's trousers sewn and the hem of the sewn is best to stay more to prepare for the popular changes can be modified.

  Try to find the right length of women's pants, too long or too short are not appropriate.

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