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Womens Trousers Four Different Styles
Oct 19, 2017

Everyone has more or less defects in the body, especially the problem of the legs. Most women will not worry about their own leg lines, how to use different trousers, cover your weaknesses, play your strengths, show your beauty, become now you want to solve the problem.

1. solve the "short legs" problem

Straight jeans: version of the type is very casual pants, there is no tight or fat and the size of the problem. Vertical lines to bring long effect, legs more slender.

2. solve the "big hip" problem

Casual cloth pants: fabric fabric is not as hard as the cowboy fabric and body, more casual fit your curve, if the waist is a belt or silk belt, will be more cover your "big hip" problem The

3. solve the "thick legs" problem

Horn jeans: thigh lines are sketched very perfect, pants hem with a decent design, will not show your legs, and coupled with high heels will be very beautiful.

4. solve the "thick legs" problem

Narrow leg jeans: body design, the most suitable for leg fat MM. Wide leg pants will appear more bloated legs, body sculpting narrow leg pants but can play hip and stovepipe of the visual effects.

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