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Womens Trousers Waist Big How To Do 3 Small Coup Easy To Solve The Big Problem
May 27, 2017

Womens Trousers waist big how to do 3 small couples easy to solve the big problem

Womens Trousers waist how to do? Womens Trousers washed after the waist waist how big? This is the life we often encounter problems. So, let's take a look at the life of people who have pants belt to change the small coup!

Trousers big how to do three ways to change the waistband

Method 1: Select the belt

If the Womens Trousers waist is not great, in the controllable range, you can choose a belt can be a good solution to the problems of waist.

Method 2 to transform the waist

Step one: First, to determine their waist size, and then need to measure the need to modify the size of this pair of jeans waistband, minus your actual waist size, it is clear that most of the jeans in the end;

Step two: carefully open the waist, according to Womens Trousers large size, you can in the Womens Trousers on both sides of the excess part of the income, the corresponding sewing more sewing, sewing When the line to remember the line, can not suddenly shut, so it will look too abrupt, will lead to both sides wear up disdain;

Step three: both sides of the car after a good, if you split the waist part, you need to re-installed waist. Installed waist, you have a large waist is often modified jeans, is not very simple?

Method three: plus strap style

Made their own two and Womens Trousers color material strap, seam and waistband. With the strap to contain the role of the waist is also not so big, and wear out of the coat will be tied to the waist is also a fashionable wear law.

Note: This method is only applicable to Womens Trousers waist is too large, if the hip and crotch are beyond your size, I suggest you get a tailor shop for a large transformation Oh ~

How to change the jeans, how can you do? Yourself hands and feet, as long as the master of the most basic sewing technology, not only jeans, jackets and skirts can be easily modified, save the tailor to find the effort and money, is not Very cost-effective home if there is a large waist jeans, DIY DIY DIY transformation it!

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