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Womens TrousersHow To Match
Aug 24, 2017

All kinds of popular trousers so that we have more choice according to the needs of the body. Of course, also pay attention to clothes and shoes with, otherwise it will expose defects. So, how to wear women's trousers to achieve the perfect effect?

Perfect combination:

Gray is the theme song of this season. Long gray wretched trousers, only a solid in the shoes to hold up its elegance and free and easy. Tingxiu legs coupled with a short jacket, it is outstanding.

Slightly elastic cotton micro-bell pants best suited to match the fashionable thick shoes. Upper body wearing a large long coat and tight sweater, showing the infinite vitality.

Cone-shaped black stovepants pants at any time have to make her legs look slender charm. Long and upper pants with the same color of the combination of shoes is seamless, played a visual effect to extend the legs.

Wearing long pants only to the ankle, in the winter looks not only a little "cold"; but also produce short legs of the illusion. If you extend the trousers to the upper, it will change.

Too thin pants, exposed full of hips and thighs, and tight legs even more people produce "spindle" feeling. It is recommended to wear straight jeans, or put on long and thigh shirt.

Outside the side of the pants performance is chic handsome style, but wearing a pair of flat shoes, so that trousers piled on the foot, is not it very dirty it? It is recommended to put on a pair of high heels try, the effect will be much better. Suitable for work wear pants style, one is pleated, the other is pleated. Wear these two kinds of trousers, the coat to wear a formal tangible style, will have a professional sense.

Pleated pants can be used with sweaters, blouses and vests. Especially with the trousers color similar to the blouse, can make the whole look more slender. Wear pleated trousers, sweater, shirt into the pants, the jacket is also very suitable for these two pants with. Choose the principle of the same pants and skirt - the more simple the better style, but also to the more durable.

Pants pocket should be located on the side, it will not let the hips seem to have the feeling of expansion.

Choose wool crepe, knitted fabrics, gabardine and other fabrics made of trousers, these fabrics are not easy, is a good pants material.

Try to find the right length of the pants, too long or too short are not appropriate.

The length of the trousers just to the top of the heel, so as to expose the shoes, and the proportion of the body elongated. Wearing a pair of trousers to match with the shoes, will be more authoritative, the most appropriate height is in the shoes.

Pants best to have inside, in addition to more fit, but also to cover up the bloated place.

Whether wearing a trousers with pleated style, depending on the height and height of the pants. Belong to high lean body type, you can wear a pleated trousers, but the height of less than 162 cm of the people, it is best not to try to pay special attention to the pants across the lower part of the wear to be smooth, which is the focus of pants fit, But also the key to the sewing technology is fine, bad crotch will let the pants to wear up sagging, uplift, not fit the phenomenon of pants and sewn sewn sewn the best to keep some more to prepare for popular changes can modify.

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